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Icon request post

I've been meaning to do this form for quite some time now, but I am lazy was busy was partially killed by work couldn't do so until now.

Nevertheless, it is quite simple. This post will serve for lj users to request icons. For that, just follow the rules.

1. If you wish an icon, please, give me the URL of the picture you wish to be made into an icon. Don't make me go into wild chases :D

2. Give me time. I'm a college student and have too much to do, most of the times. Random comments to hurry up will only annoy me.

3. Despite the fact that I'm more into the anime/manga fandom, don't let that stop you. I'll icon what you request, the end.

4. Don't forget, if you wish some writen, tell me. If you wish to be textless, say so.

5. And last, but not least, I am not a perfect icon maker. I'll do my best and that's all I can promise.

♥ So, comment, request, receive, credit.
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